About Us


The main objective of our institution is to groom the personality of the student. Our institution aims at imparting good education and sound knowledge to the pupils. It takes efforts to inoculate discipline, clean habit and confidence in the students and is determined to create to expose their hidden skills and shape their all-round personality. It lays stress on training the children for any vocation that suits their aptitude.

The residential characters of the institution

Its adequate amenities and educational facilities and activities have greatly contributed to develop and improve the standards of the students.

The institutions stands magnificently with its palatial building and sprawling playground amidst a picturesque rural setting far from the bustle and maddening crowed of the town. It is very close to the railway station and the new bus stand The southern block of the main school building was constructed in the year 1994 and the northern block in 1997 to meet the growing needs of a developing school.

On hands there is a project to construct an auditorium and a multiple Gym facility which is to be arranged with sufficient financial assistance from Philanthropist of Muslim Community and other as well.


This institution board of matriculation and it is recognized by the government of tamilnadu. Prior to this, its employed the affiliation with the university of madras. Its added attraction is the introduction of Hindi as a subject at all levels. The well laid out and equipped laboratories for all the four branches of science and the spacious and magnificent library marvelous institution bequeathed to the nation.

Its manifestations:

The school always remembers that the "Battle of Waterloo" was won the playfields of Eton and Harrow. All major and outdoor games are introduced and the students are trained to the perspective actively in various tournament, matches and competition in local, district state and national level. Our students have won higher awarded in the state meets. The gymnastics and calisthenics display, ground work, pyramids, asanas, karate, malkhamb, etc. put up by the school from time to time won the applause and administration of every one who witnessed them.

  • 1. Many group facts such as Scouting, Clubbing, Red Cross, St.John Ambulance etc. Hum with activities all through the year and the students have carved out a niche for themselves in this realm too.
  • 2. In order to discover and develop the latent talent and capacities of the students, the school provides facilities for various hobbies and handicrafts, activities and associations which also serve as medium of institution
  • 3. Greater stress is laid on socially useful productive work such as provides work such as Garding , Acting , Singing, Painting, Puppetry, Oratory, Dramatics Gadget making etc.

To instill in the minds of the pupils the spirits of patriotism and national integration , national festivals and birth anniversaries of great men of the soil are celebrated. Many instructional and educational tours and trips are also organized.

Turning to the academic side, the results are strictly based on maintaining quality and quantity in examination at all levels.

Parents Teacher Open Day Meet

  • Report Cards are distributed to parents in their child's respective class room approximately one week after the end of each test/exam.
  • They are given directly to parents unless being held due to fines, very poor performance or other disciplinary actions.
  • Reports are to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to their class teacher within 2 days from the date of receiving. This will help the parents aware of their children's progress.
  • Absence of deficiency report does not guarantee that a student will pass the course.
  • Parents are expected to give feedback regarding the learning habits and other allied matters to the teachers concerned and to the ACOs and Principal of their wing.